Yahoo T-shirt: Personal Finance and a whole month of Yahoo T-shirts!

I was desperate. I was one day away from completing my month of Yahoo T-shirts, but I was out of shirts. Surely there must be some lying around somewhere at work? I asked and yes there were. Closets full of them. This one fit the bill and my goal was complete.

This one commemorates the launch of Personal Finance, the “Weekend edition” of when the stock markets are closed. Lots of good info there!

I’m not a fan of long-sleeve t’s, but Anne loves them. So after it goes through the wash, it will go to her.

Personal Finance Front

Personal Finance Front Detail

Personal Finance Back Detail

Personal Finance Front

Acquired: Yesterday!
Rating: 3/5

And with that, I completed my goal of wearing a Yahoo T-shirt every workday in June. That’s 21 different shirts. Next year maybe I’ll try to do weekends too…

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