Yahoo t-shirt: Another LAUNCH shirt

This is the Yahoo! t-shirt I wore today: Another LAUNCH shirt

Remember the shirt from June 6? Well this one is the inverse. It’s a bit tattered and somehow I got an XL, so I’m floating in it, but hey, it was free.

LAUNCH front closeup

Rating: 3/5
Acquired: 2000?

So that’s it for my Yahoo! t-shirts. I know of two more – Yahoo! Idea Factory which is part of my NH wardrobe at my parents’ house and a classic Yahoo shirt with the jumping Y guy, which is currently MIA. That’s 15 shirts in total, 6 short. A while ago I gave away a couple of Yahoo personals shirts and refused a Sports one, so I could have been close. Perhaps next June I’ll have enough for the whole month.


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