Yahoo t-shirt: LAUNCH soccer jersey

This is the Yahoo t-shirt I wore today: LAUNCH soccer jersey

Running out of shirts, I asked Anne to go through her closet and see if there were any I gave her. She came out with this one, which I don’t remember ever seeing before. The shirt is black (1 strike), has retro styling (2 strikes) and is 50% polyester, making it rather itchy (3 strikes).

The tagline on the back is something either Todd or I thought of, though we don’t quite remember who. I think it’s rather witty. Later it was adapted by SBC for their DSL service – “Internet that Logs onto You”. That never made any sense to me.

LAUNCH front LAUNCH front closeup LAUNCH back LAUNCH back closeup

Acquired: 2000?
Rating: 2/5

2 more shirts until I run out!

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