Yahoo t-shirt: Building F

This is the Yahoo! t-shirt I wore today: Building F

In 2003, Yahoo got too big for its 4 big main campus buildings and started acquiring other real estate. The first buildings were two new ones right across the street. There was much consternation about being moved away from everyone else, even if it only was across Mathilda Ave. Someone thought it would be funny in a small bit of protest to name the conference rooms on the first floor after Gilligan’s Island characters (since we were “castaways” from the main buildings) and the 3rd floor after far away places like Siberia, Tatooine, and Timbuktu. I guess this shirt was some kind of consolation prize for moving and an attempt at building “pride”, though I’m not sure it could have been uglier. You don’t see many people wearing these around.

A couple of years later the Mission College buildings opened up and we felt pretty lucky to still be close to the main buildings.

Building F Front

Acquired: 11/24/2003
Rating: 1/5


  1. This is actually my favorite shirt. It doesn’t make any sense on its own, but that’s what’s cool about it. Plus, it’s red (not purple), has no Yahoo branding, and looks like it could be a rock band’s concert T.

    In other shirt news, we should try getting you a Richard Bangs-issue Ex-Officio field shirt. I don’t know of anyone who has them except for his production team. They’re fancy.

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