A Fine Day for Baseball

Last week Anne and I realized it was September and we still hadn’t seen a Giants game yet this year. People are often selling them at work, so I grabbed a pair for $50: lower box near the leftfield corner.

We debated whether or not to take Caltrain to the game. We’ve tried driving and Caltrain in the past. Two people taking Caltrain is almost as expensive as driving and paying for parking. Caltrain also takes a lot longer. They don’t have any express trains on weekend, so we decided to drive.

It was a nice day for a game, though a bit chilly, especially since we were underneath the View seats so there was no sun to warm us. They did some Sept 11 memorial stuff before the game including a 4-jet flyover which was pretty cool.

The Giants lost of course, but it was nice to see a game again in this great park. We even saw Barry Bonds, a day before he’s scheduled to be activated again. He was driving out of the park in his massive black Hummer.

I had a few hot dogs, some fries and even found a cache while we were in there. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. sounds very cool, except you and Anne need to get some more energy and spend the rest of the night in SF.
    Next time, no leaving SF without eating dinner there first.

    Go to Delfina, Ferry Building, call me next time for a reco

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