The Second Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Yesterday, PocketTunes 3.1 was released, adding support for Windows DRM. The net of this is that I now have a device that can play unlimited downloaded tracks from Yahoo! Music Unlimited – my Treo 650!

Some pros and cons over my iPod:

Con: Tranfers through USB are slow. I need to see if I can just pop out my SD card and transfer them directly.
Pro: Unlimited, legal music!
Con: My 1GB SD card is a tad smaller than my 40GB iPod. Then again, it takes quite a long time to listen to 1GB of music and I always listen on shuffle, so does it really matter?
Pro: No additional device to carry around

I didn’t quite understand at first that you had to run PocketTunes while it’s connected to your computer for it to show up in YME as a device. I also haven’t figured out how to have YME autofill my device with 1GB of random music. I don’t want to have to select and size a random set of music to put on my Treo. Previously I did this off my MP3 collection with a small perl script that kept selecting random tracks until it got to a certain size. Perhaps it’s time for me to write a new YME Plugin.

My iPod is now almost permanently stationed in my living room as the living room music player. It’s connected to my stereo which works quite well. But I think it’s getting lonely.

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  1. I don’t understand the whole thing with iPods. They are pretty cool looking, but it’s such a one-dimentional product.
    Listen to music, store some data on it. that’s it. A lot of people put it next to their stereo like you do. I don’t get it 🙂

    Treo is so much more useful. I can’t wait to get my YME music on it. Thanks Jeff.

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