San Frickin’ Cisco

What’s wrong with this picture?

The green line represents the fastest way to get from the peninsula to the north bay. Usually, the shortest distance between two lines is a straight line; not when San Francisco is involved.

We went up to Bodega Bay today and this was the route we took. The alternative was to go through the city and hoping there wasn’t any traffic or bicycles blocking traffic. Instead, we went miles out of way and wasted gas like millions do every year because San Francisco refuses to build a highway through the city. US101
actually goes from a highway to city streets and back to a highway once you get to the Golden Gate Bridge.

There should be a rule – if you establish a city at the end of a peninsula, you have to allow people to get through it efficiently, not cut off people on from the north and south of you by making them idle at 30 traffic lights.

But this isn’t the only example of how ridiculously self-righteous San Francisco is. They banned Segways and even smoking in public parks. I’m no fan of smoking, but even I’m concerned about personal freedoms when people can’t smoke outside. I’d rather have them do it outside than stinking up the insides of buildings and possibly setting them on fire.

In high school my history teacher taught me that the political spectrum is actually a loop. If you go far enough in either direction and you come out the other side. If you try to protect people too much, you end up making them prisoners. When will SF figure this out?


  1. As I said, it’s faster only if you don’t hit any traffic and you get lucky with the lights. Last time I tried it, it took 45 minutes to get from the GG to 280.

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