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I’ve been a fan of Amazon for a long time, but lately their site has been unstable and they’re not shipping things on time. Today I called them for the second time about my Treo 650 and I was told that it was delayed because I changed my shipping options and then changed it back.

Here’s the nastygram I sent them today.

I called on Friday and was told that my order would be shipped on Saturday. It was not. My estimate says that at the latest it would ship yesterday and arrive today or tomorrow. It did not ship.

Today I called to see what was going on and I was told that because I had experimented with changing the shipping options last week (but remained with free shipping) that has delayed my order. This is silly. Nowhere on the site does it say that if you change your shipping options (even to a faster shipping method) that it will delay your order. I’m aware of other people who ordered the same phone after I originally did on Nov 18 and received them from Amazon last week.

Today I was told that an inquiry needs to be made to the processing dept and that will take another 24-48 hours, making my order arrive mid-next week, a full week after the estimate. Since the phone is in stock, this doesn’t make any sense to me.

I need this order by the end of the week before I leave town and if it does not arrive, I will have to buy it elsewhere.

And by the way, their customer service phone number is 1-800-201-7575. It’s nearly impossible to find on their site.

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