I don’t want a frickin’ book

Amazon’s Search Inside the Book is neat, but for most part it just drives me crazy.

Maybe I’m not like other people, but most of the time I’m not buying books at Amazon. It’s DVDs, electronics, and other random stuff. Try a search for Treo 650. They have it listed, but it’s at the bottom of the page. The first listing is for a headset, followed by more accessories and books (which have nothing to do with this particular version of the Treo.

It’s worse when they don’t even have the product you want. It just shows you an endless listing of books, which you have to scroll through anyway.

The solution is simple – give me an option to search everything BUT books OR just turn off searching inside the book. It’s hard to believe that Amazon doesn’t have an advanced search page.

And while you’re obeying my every whim, Amazon, you can get rid of that hugungous movie on the home page. I’ve already watched it. Thanks.

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