It’s not over yet

So the Yankees are defeated and the Sox are two games up in the world series. That’s great, but it’s far from over. Let’s remember that the Red Sox won the first two games in ’86 as well. And in the first two games of this series the Sox’s defense has been bumbling at best. They’ve committed eight errors so far. That’s pretty scary since the ’86 series was lost on two critical errors – Bob Stanley’s wild pitch and Bill Buckner’s infamous pass through the wickets.

There was a great bit on the Daily Show last week. After the Red Sox won game seven, they characterized the mood in Boston as ‘cautiously optimistic’ that they were going to the World Series. Heh.

Boston seems to be the favorites, but let’s not forget their past luck. I’m 99% sure that if New England had TWO championship teams simultaneously, it would trigger some sort of apocalyptic event. The world would become unbalanced. Thousands of old new englanders would have nothing left to live for. If they won, would there still be a purpose to life?


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