GPS Coordinate Grabber
This utility allows you to grab (or "scrape") GPS Coordinates from any web page, then download them as a LOC file into your mapping software and your GPS receiver.

Grabbing coordinates using this tool is faster and more accurate than entering them by hand. allows you to download coordinates, but only the primary coordinates for a cache. If there are other coordinates in the description such as coordinates for parking or more coordinates for multi-caches, then you probably have to enter them by hand.

Here's an example of grabbing of all coordinates for a multi-cache: Bronze and Stone. It's also useful for mapping all the finds of a locationless cache. Example: Old Stone Walls

To use this utility, simply enter in the URL of web page with coordinates on it above, then hit the Grab button. Your coordinates will appear in the left frame. You can then rename or modify coordinates. Uncheck any that you don't want to download, then hit "Download Checked" to download them. You can also enter waypoint names and coordinates manually if you'd like.

Another cool option is to hit "Visualize" to display the coordinates on a selection of map types, provided by the GPS Visualizer.

The grabbed web page is displayed in this frame so you can doublecheck the grabbed coordinates. PLEASE check your coordinates. I'm not responsible if the coordinates are wrong and you end up in someone's backyard or worse. If you do find a page that isn't grabbed properly, please let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.

EasyGPS is a free program for Windows that can handle LOC files and communicate with your GPS receiver.

Note that pages that are not public or require registration (i.e. Member Only Caches) cannot be grabbed.

Other Features:

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