ExpertGPS Calibrated Maps

This is an archive of maps calibrated for ExpertGPS. This means thatyou can take these maps (mostly of parks) and plot waypoints on top of them. It's always a good idea to figure out what trails you need to take to get to a cache before you get there!

You can download maps individually, or grab all of them in one big zip file.

Please contribute your maps!
If you've calibrated a map with ExpertGPS, please send me the .map and .jpg files and I'll add them here. Please do not send non-public or copyrighted maps.

Available Maps:

San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States
Almaden Quicksilver County Park[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Alum Rock Park[jpg][map]2/23/2006
Arastradero Preserve[jpg][map]9/16/2004
Angel Island[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Bear Creek[jpg][map]8/22/2010
Big Basin Redwoods State Park[jpg][map]12/30/2004
Belgatos Park-Heintz OSP-Shannon Valley OSP-Santa Rosa OS[jpg][map]8/22/2010
Briones Regional Park[jpg][map]2/23/2006
Brushy Peak Regional Reserve[jpg][map]11/16/2005
Butano State Park[jpg][map]7/28/2005
Calero Reservoir[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Castle Rock State Park[jpg][map]12/30/2004
Chino Hills State Park[jpg][map]11/16/2005
Coyote Lake - Harvey Bear Ranch County Park[jpg][map]8/22/2010
Cull Canyon Regional Recreation Area[jpg][map]1/8/2004
Diablo Foohills Park[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Ed Levin County Park[jpg][map]5/3/2004
El Corte De Madera Open Space Preserve[jpg][map]11/16/2005
El Sereno Open Space Preserve[jpg][map]2/23/2006
Fifield Cahill Ridge Trail[jpg][map]12/13/2004
Fremont Older Open Space Preserve[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Foresthill OHV[jpg][map]11/16/2005
Fort Ord Public Lands[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Garin-Dry Creek Regional Parks[jpg][map]6/30/2005
Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park[jpg][map]12/30/2004
Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park - Fall Creek[jpg][map]11/16/2005
Joseph Grant Ranch County Park[jpg][map]9/17/2004
Las Trampas Regional Wilderness[jpg][map]5/16/2005
Lexington Reservoir[jpg][map]8/22/2004
Maxwell Farms Regional Park[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Mission Peak Regional Preserve[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Monte Bello Open Space Preserve[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Mount Diablo State Park[jpg][map]5/16/2004
Mount Madonna County Park[jpg][map]5/16/2004
Nisene-Marks State Park[jpg][map]12/2/2004
Palo Alto Baylands[jpg][map]2/23/2006
Pleasanton Ridge[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Point Reyes (South)[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Portola Redwoods State Park[jpg][map]12/30/2004
Portola Valley[jpg][map]2/19/2005
Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve[jpg][map]1/8/2004
Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve[jpg][map]6/30/2005
Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area[jpg][map]7/28/2005
Rancho San Antonio[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Ravenswood Open Space Preserve[jpg][map]11/16/2005
Rush Creek Open Space Preserve[jpg][map]5/3/2004
San Bruno Mountain Park[jpg][map]5/3/2004
San Pedro Valley Park[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Santa Teresa County Park[jpg][map]8/22/2004
Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Sanborn-Skyline County Park[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Skyline South[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Stevens Creek County Park[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Stevens Creek County Park (Upper)[jpg][map]11/16/2005
Sunol Wilderness[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Tilden Regional Park (North)[jpg][map]1/23/2005
Sunnyvale Bay Trails[jpg][map]2/23/2006
UC Santa Cruz[jpg][map]12/30/2004
Uvas Canyon County Park[jpg][map]8/29/2005
Villa Montalvo[jpg][map]2/23/2006
Wilder Ranch State Park[jpg][map]12/30/2004
Windy Hill Open Space Preserve[jpg][map]5/3/2004
Wunderlich Park[jpg][map]8/29/2005

How to use these maps in ExpertGPS:

  1. Save both the .map and the .jpg file to your computer (right-click on the links above) for the maps you want. The two files must be in the same directory.
  2. Run ExpertGPS and select "Open Scanned Map Library" from the Map menu.
  3. Click "Add".
  4. Make sure the "Files of Type" field is set to "Map Calibration File (*.map)"
  5. Find the directory you saved the files to and select the .map file you wish to import. Click OK.
  6. The map should appear in the Map Library with at least a few Calibration Points.
  7. Repeat the last four steps for each map file.
  8. Click "OK" to close the Map Library dialog.
  9. Enter some waypoints or open up a list of waypoints in ExpertGPS like from a GPX file.
  10. Select "New Scanned Map Window" from the Map menu for ExpertGPS version 1 or "Show Scanned Map" from the View menu for ExpertGPS version 2.
  11. Select the map you wish to use and click OK.
  12. You should now see your waypoints on top of the correct areas of the map. The rest of the area will be blank. Unfortunately you cannot load more than one map at a time.
How to convert a PDF map to a JPEG:

You can use Adobe Reader's Snapshot tool to copy of the contents of the selection (text, an image, or both) to the Clipboard or to another application. Both text and images are copied as an image.

To copy and image or text in image format using the Snapshot tool:

Select the Snapshot tool (Camera icon), and do one of the following:

Drag a box around the portion of the map you wish to capture. Note that the current zoom level determines the size of the map. In general, I try to keep the map sizes below 500KB. The more you zoom in, the bigger the image will be, so use the minimum zoom level where the map's text is legible.

If you don't see the snapshot tool on your version of Adobe Reader, try upgrading to the latest version from

Colors in the selected area are inverted momentarily to highlight the selection. You can open a file in an another application (eg. Paint) and paste the copied selection directly in the the target document.

How to export calibrated maps from ExpertGPS:

  1. From the Map menu, select Open Scanned Map Library
  2. Click the Name of a map and then click the Export button.
  3. Change the file type to .map
  4. Save the .map file somewhere
  5. Send me the .map and .jpg files to see it posted here geocaching <|> comments