May 24, 2008


5 pm - I think I DNFed this one a couple of years ago. I almost did so again today. With all my Garmin GPS batteries dead, I had to get the bluetooth one out of the car and figure out where the heck I was so I could look up the cache and verify it was in the same area that I was looking last time. It was and I again had a lot of trouble finding it. From one particular angle I noticed a hide that I didn't realize was possible before. I checked another spot and was surprised to find it fall in my hand. Tricky. Went home with 3 bags of belly flops.
Posted by jeff at 05:00 PM

May 11, 2008

Start Here!

9:40 am - All right, I'm ready to hike. Quick find to start the day. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 09:40 AM