June 10, 2007

A Whale of a View

3:53 pm - Wow, it was windy here today. A guy was selling cherries nearby and seemed to be getting a lot of business. We just grabbed the cache and headed home for the day. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:53 PM


3:44 pm - Yeah, not quite a scenic spot here. I could have parked even closer than I did. TNLN. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:44 PM

Tales of Odysseus: Cyclops Polythemus

3:21 pm - Wow, cool point out here. The trail is not very wide in parts and we picked up several ticks. We managed to spot and remove them before the bit in though.

This was a great spot to watch the windsurfers too.

Posted by jeff at 03:21 PM

Davenport Landing

3:04 pm - I saw a suspicious spot from afar and it was indeed there. Lots of surfers in the area today. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:04 PM

Scott Creek Beach

2:55 pm - Checked all the spots mentioned in the hint and couldn't find it. That's worrysome considering how quickly others have found it.
Posted by jeff at 02:55 PM

Scott Creek Bridge Benchmark

2:45 pm - I was looking a little low until I consulted the hint. Nicely done. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:45 PM

Tales of Odysseus: The Trojan Horse

2:36 pm - That's a nice vista from here that few seem to know about. TFTC!
Posted by jeff at 02:36 PM

Tales of Odysseus: Helios, Bringer of the Sun

1:26 pm - First of the series for us. This is turning out to be a pretty long walk! TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:26 PM