January 15, 2006

Pheasant Run

11 am - I was listening to MotorBug's message on my cell phone threating to leave to go chase a FTF if I didn't get to his house soon when I pulled into his driveway.

Tisk, tisk, MotorBug - you said you would give them up after 100. We headed out and saw no geomobiles in the parking lot. At one point in our search I was surprised when a coworker walked by; he was probably more surprised to see me on a Sunday morning digging around in the bushes.

Markens showed up after a while. Depite my best efforts to convince him that the cache was archived and he should leave immediately, he didn't believe me and started his own quest for the FTF.

Finally, MotorBug did his thing where he found the cache, then walked far away and announced he had found it. Then markens did the same thing. Bastards! I conceded defeat and they showed me the right area. Yeah, the coords are just a tad off. I'd prefer his coordinates over markens, only because he uses a Garmin.

Thanks for the cache. Posted by jeff at January 15, 2006 11:00 AM