December 04, 2005

Should This Be Klimbed?

5:10 pm - I wasn't planning on this one for today, but I realized it was very close to FORE, so I figured I would hit it first, before it got too dark. I climbed quickly, then noticed the cache was off to my left. Krap. Down a gully I went, along some trails that disappeared, up a cliff, through some PO and to the cache I went. I found the cache easily once I got to the right spot. TNLNSL.

After that trip I thought there must be a better way back going up. Those trails vanished pretty quickly and it became more bushwacking. Finally I reached the top and the trail. I'm sure there's an easier way here, but I didn't find one!

And yes, budd-rdc, I was wearing shorts!


Posted by jeff at December 4, 2005 05:10 PM