November 06, 2005

The Gate Promenade

3:40 pm - Oh man, this one was way confusing for us. We parked at the top, then walked down below. We've never been to the Fort before, so it was a cool place to explore. We didn't understand the clue though, so we hiked back up and on top. The clue there didn't make much sense either. We had a questionable answer for the first clue that matched the checksum. We left finding the cache until later in the day. We had spent so much time on it though that we had to finish it.

On the way home we took a side trip to grab the cache. It put us at a spot that kinda made sense with the clue though we realized afterwards that we shouldn't have even been able to get in there! A call to the owner let us know that we were close and set us straight. I think I get it now. Anyway, thanks for the tour! Posted by jeff at November 6, 2005 03:40 PM