November 05, 2005

More or less is more

3:15 pm - As we're driving to this one, we get stuck behind this guy in the left-turn lane at a traffic signal. He didn't pull up far enough and the signal just keeps going around because it has no idea he's there. He's pissed off because he thinks the light is broken. We finally get bored and go straight instead. Eventually he does the same!

Anyway, we found ourselves at the cache location and looked for a bit. As I'm searching in one spot I hear MotorBug whistling which I interpreted as "look out for that woman walking down the street". I search some more and then he starts gesturing. Ohh, whistling means he found it. Alright, then. Grabbed the cache, played the log sheet roll-up game and headed off. Thanks. Posted by jeff at November 5, 2005 03:15 PM