October 30, 2005

Pueblo Santa Teresa

2:25 pm - We were pretty tired after a relatively short hike, but this one would be an easy one on the way out. We picked up the first two stages easily enough. We had been on the lookout for snakes and spiders all day, but had only seen a few spiders. I found the decoy cache and looked to the left. Anne moved a rock to get at the cache and when she moved her hand away she noticed something - a small snake curled up right next to the cache. It was a rattler. And its much larger mother was right behind it. Yikes! Uncovering it revealed that it was another decoy, and soon the mother and child snake rattled and moved underground. I carefully plucked out the real cache and TNLNSL.

This was the first time I've run into a sizable rattler. Do be careful out here! Posted by jeff at October 30, 2005 02:25 PM