October 30, 2005

Free St. Teresa!

10:30 am - We were heading for a different cache, but ended up here. Anyplace with a cache is OK by me. I got out to make a quick grab when a woman said to me exitedly "There's tarantulas here!" Indeed there was a large one just a few feet off the pavement. I looked for a moment then headed off to the cache, barely noticing the other tarantula inches away. It scurried off and I signed the log. I think the woman didn't need to see any more spiders and took her book elsewhere.

Now if I was smart about it, I would have kept this little story to myself. Instead, I told it to my wife who then suggested we find a different park to spend the day in. I reassured her and headed on our way. TFTC! Posted by jeff at October 30, 2005 10:30 AM