August 28, 2005


3:35 pm - I have a strange and creepy story to tell with this cache.

I parked nearby and wandered up to the cache. Just as I was about to start searching, this real estate agent or something pulls up and drops a sign 30 feet away for a house for sale. Then he just kinda hangs out in his car for a while. I wait. He gets in his car, starts driving, but then just parks his car on the other side of the street. I wait. Then he comes out and walks very close to me, pretends to look out at the water and checks me out as he walks back to his car. By now I'm lounging on the bench, thinking I'm in for a long wait. He goes back to his car, then comes back out and sits on another bench. At this point I lose patience and decided to come back later. I head for my car and drive out towards my next closest cache, Tower of Power.

As I'm heading out on Marine Parkway, I notice the guy's right behind me and he's talking his cell phone. I change lanes, he changes lanes. I'm getting annoyed and creeped out, thinking about if I should call the cops. Instead I hope that he is just happening to go the same way as me.

As I pull into the parking lot for Tower of Power, he's still behind me and parks right next to me. I start to walk away towards the cache, but then turn around.

"Can I help you??"
"When did you get your car?"
"I sold a car like that once to a guy."
"Well, that's not my car, I bought mine new, 6 years ago."
"Is it a ch???"
"Is it a ch???"
(I just say no.)
"Well I sold a car like that to a guy and he cheated me. I'm not saying it was your car."
"Sorry, I bought mine new."

Then I just walked away towards the cache, but past it since I didn't want him to see where I was going. I peeked back and saw him move his car within the lot, and then just sit there. Finally he left. I came back for the cache, then did a few more, but I wanted to get this cache so I drove back over. I had decided that if I saw him again I would immediately turn around and leave. Thankfully he wasn't there and I found the cache quickly and got out of there.

What I don't get is that I got to the coordinates first and I don't think he saw me drive in, so why did he get suspicious of me and then ask about my car? I dunno, but remimd me never to buy real estate in Foster City. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at August 28, 2005 03:35 PM