July 10, 2005

Lifes Science

3:51 pm - Cool place. We did the counting and looked at the exhibits. One of them was all about moss. Finding a bathroom was an added bonus.

We went out to find the cache but were stymied by some croquet players. We resolved to come back later.

A couple hours and a few caches later we walked back and there was no one around. We made it a quick find and TNLNSL. Thanks!

Now here's a strange coincidence - as I'm writing this log we're watching MythBusters and they're trying to bust the myth about a rolling stone gathering no moss. As part of the research, they interview Dr. Brent Mishler, "the Moss Guy" from Berkeley whose office is of course in the Life Sciences building. Cool!
Posted by jeff at July 10, 2005 03:51 PM