June 12, 2005

My First Micro

2:36 pm - I looked at this one when it came out and didn't have much luck. Last night I thought I would give it another try and came up with some code that did the dirty work and revealed the coordinates. This is yet another technology that I'm happy to be young enough not to have to know, but it's educational nonetheless. The cache was an easy find.

Afterwards MotorBug and I decided to stop at REI to pick up a tick kit and a waistpack. I also lost my GPSr beltclip, so we went over to the guy working the counter there to ask if they had any. He said no, but proceeded to give us some wisdom: "Your GPS is NOT a rock", he says to MotorBug. And then he dug around for something he said would help. He grabbed MotorBug's GPSr and proceeded to wrap it in bright red tape so we wouldn't lose it. Uh, OK. MotorBug was too polite to bust out laughing there, but we had a good chuckle later.

It was also cool to see the promos for WoW's geocaching classes at REI too!

Thanks for the cache. Posted by jeff at June 12, 2005 02:36 PM