June 04, 2005

The Black Hole

9:19 am - Co-FTF with fizzymagic. I decided to take a look at this one last night and the first two stages didn't take too long, but I got stuck at the third. I figured fizzy had already solved it since this one was right up his alley, so I asked him for a hint.

Turns out he hadn't looked at it yet and HE needed a hint to get past the first stage. The stages I thought were hardest he did easily and vice versa so it worked out well. I learned some interesting stuff and as usual more than I really needed to know.

Fizzy was heading to the airport this morning, so I agreed to meet him and hope the FTF was still unclaimed.

He arrived on time and we took the short walk to the cache, spotting an object that fit the theme perfectly. I didn't see the cache right away, but I did see a bunch of hornet nests forming, most which had at least a hornet on them. This will probably be a problem. This cache is also very close to another puzzle cache, but I guess it's old enough that the approvers didn't keep track.

Fizzy spotted the cache and pulled it out without disturbing any of the bugs. TNLNSL but I enjoyed the puzzle very much. Thanks! Posted by jeff at June 4, 2005 09:19 AM