April 09, 2005

Toyon High Side

4:49 pm - Filed under 'F' for fiascos.

We walked by a clearing on the way down the Toyon trail and this cache was only 200 feet away. I ventured over a bit but couldn't see a trail, so we got back on the trail, figuring it would eventually lead us right to it.

When we were .15 miles away I decided that this couldn't be right, so I stormed back up the hill and looked for a way in. I ended up bushwacking a bit, but I was less than 100 feet away, so I forged on. I ended up climbing through Poison Oak to get within 20 feet and I had no idea where the cache was.

Finally I saw the frickin trail right in front of me. I crawled down through more PO.

I had left Anne back at the clearing and by this time I was gone for a long time. I didn't bother looking for the cache, figuring she was already pissed at me for leaving her there. I ran back up the trail to find her waiting there patiently.

Together we headed back down the trail for my 4th time, then back around to the cache. Thankfully it wasn't hard to find.

Took nothing, left my pride. Thanks. Posted by jeff at April 9, 2005 04:49 PM