April 17, 2005

The WalruZ and LeChuck

10:11 am - Find MotorBug's glasses! Find MotorBug's glasses! That should be the new subtitle of this cache.

We searched for this cache for a while and were coming up empty. I hailed a lifeline on IM and then on the phone. After a while MotorBug notice his glasses were missing. We changed our search objective to the glasses and of course while we were looking for his glasses, I found the cache. It was pretty buried.

Unfortunately we never found the glasses. We even came back later in the day to try again, but after an hour or so of searching, we couldn't find them. That was a bummer. We were pretty dirty and nasty when we came out there too. Lots of trash and dust. Yuck. Posted by jeff at April 17, 2005 10:11 AM