April 02, 2005

Kayak Cache

4:30 pm - I'm pretty sure this one is gone.

Not having a boat, I decided to walk to the cache. I studied the satellite maps and determined that I could at least get pretty darn close. While I have performed a few miracles in finding caches, I can't claim to have walked on water.

Instead, I walked along the abandoned railroad tracks for about 1.5 miles to the bridge. The whole way there I had that "last man on earth" feeling.

Once there I really had to decide how much I wanted this cache. I couldn't see it from on the bridge, so I had to climb down on top of the gate structure, hoping I wouldn't fall into the water even though it was low tide.

While I carefully climbed around, the sea lions nearby watched and mocked me. So getting to the cache is a challenge for me, but It would be pretty darn hard to sign the log book with flippers, now wouldn't it? Now who's better??

I looked all around and couldn't see any cache, so I climbed back up to get some more information. I called mmp to see if he could describe where the cache was. It didn't help that my cell phone reception was spotty. He tried to remember and describe the location while I looked at the bridge from a bunch of different angles. mmp reminded me that there was a picture in the cache description, so I downloaded that to my phone and got a pretty good idea of where I should be looking.

I went to the spot where I think the picture was from and I didn't see the cache. I climbed up onto the pilings again and looked for the cache from above. No luck. I did find quite a bit of rope which didn't seem to be attached to anything on the other end.

After trying again from several angles, I still couldn't see anything at all. At this point I decided that it probably was gone. It has been 5 months since it's been found. I walked back quickly as it was cold and windy out here now.

Posted by jeff at April 2, 2005 04:30 PM