March 27, 2005

WaterRats' Cache

12:07 pm - I found the first location OK and sat down to figure things out.

Please don't use special characters for numbers. They don't come out at all in pocket queries.

I had to guess at substitutions until I found something that made sense. It didn't help that I kept making math errors too. At one point I looked up and noticed a man had just walked by.

As I walked to the cache, I noticed the same guy sitting on a log with some paper. I thought he might be cacher, but I didn't see any GPSr.

I found the cache after a bit and TNLNSL. Walking back to the car, I ran into the guy again who was MRsquared! I don't know why I didn't recognize him before. We chatted about the deathmarch and then headed off.

Thanks (again) for the cache. Posted by jeff at March 27, 2005 12:07 PM