February 08, 2005

Screwed Up

8:40 am - Yeah, this is pretty screwed up. I'm pretty screwed up too.

I found this puzzle pretty frustrating while I was trying to figure it out and even more frustrating after. You see I remembered this place and thought it might be the exact spot for the cache. I even went so far as to try to look at it on terraserver, but couldn't find it. A couple of days ago I even drove by at a high speed and tried to see if that might be the right place.

I gave up the idea though and tried many more ways to solve it. When I had the answer and drove up to the cache, I had a forhead-slapping moment.

The cache was in the first place I looked, though I just didn't get my hands on it the first few times I tried.

I'm hoping that whatever temporary incompetence that befell WeBeDnD has since resolved itself and we can look forward to more finely-constructed caches in the future. :-) Thanks. Posted by jeff at February 8, 2005 08:40 AM