January 10, 2005

Google Falls

8:19 am - I was trying to head towards some other caches, but my GPSr routed me weird and I decided to head up 101 instead. I happened to nice this new cache before I left, so I headed over to it as it was closest.

I did a few laps before I found a parking spot that wasn't really a parking spot, but good enoug for the short time I would be there. I hadn't looked at the cache difficulty, so I found it in the first place I looked.

Thanks for the generous FTF prize! I blew it all on Krispy Kremes shortly thereafter. :-)

I remember doing a cache here back when it was still SGI. That company sure had its day. I wonder how long Google's will last. Thanks. Posted by jeff at January 10, 2005 08:19 AM