December 23, 2004

Let's go LEGO #1

8:11 am - 2K!!!!

My goal was to reach 2K by the end of the year and I was a week early. It was great to have MotorBug, Nostrada, and Workerofwood there to celebrate with me. WeBeDnD was there in spirit as I found their very inventive cache.

The guys let me "find" the cache and Nostrada helped me put things together as the others snickered. Maybe I should have done this alone. :) Soon everything came together, and I signed the log to make it official.

Then WoW presented me with a very unexpected gift - my own set of special sognature items. The rest of them immediately started begging for one after which we headed out on our hike for lego 2.

Thanks for all the caches, friendship and fun everyone. Now it's time to rest for a while (after just a few more caches of course!) Posted by jeff at December 23, 2004 08:11 AM