November 14, 2004

Coyote Valley View

3:21 pm - This one looked sooo close from the bike trail; but looks can be deceiving.

We didn't really see a trail going up to the top, so my wife and I had a very polite and calm discussion about which way to go. Ha! Not quite.

We clambered up our way to Sunset Ridge, then rode most of the way to the cache, though parts would best be described as a bike "drag", not a bike ride. I think this would be much easier as a hike than on a bike, but maybe that's just based on my biking abilities.

My bike got "tired" a short distance from the cache, so I hiked up the rest of the way. We found the cache easily, but TNLN.

The way down sure was a lot easier! We just flew down those hills. We followed the carin down one trail only to have it dead-end at a stack of brush. We decided to just drag our bikes over it. Then I thought I saw where the trail came up to the left of the rock outcropping, so we went down that way. Nope, that dead-ended too. We had to pull our bikes back up, then down again through the burned out forest. The brush kept trying to steal our bikes and we had to wrestle them away.

Finally we made it back down to the bottom and were thankful for the pavement that took us back down to our car at the bike trail parking lot. Thanks for the adventure! Posted by jeff at November 14, 2004 03:21 PM