September 25, 2004

goal line

10:54 am - We had some trouble finding this one. There was one spot that I suspected, but I watched MotorBug check there, so I thought we had it covered.

Our search was interrupted by a couple of wet dogs and a guy trimming some of the vegetation along the trail. Searching one spot, a little yellowjacket decided to let me know that I was in his territory and give me a small sting on my leg.

Once we ran out of places to search, MotorBug gave me a lift to search the other side. I was mostly nervous about tripping on my way down, but I made it.

Having just left Workerofwood shortly before, we sheepishly called him since we seem to be a couple of incompetent fools on our own.

He convinced us to look back in that spot MotorBug checked originally and there it was. Nice job on the camo.

Now the only problem was getting back to where MotorBug was. I walked down a bit and decided to cross at a point which alternated between dirty ivy, poison oak, and thorny plants. Fun!

Now that this was over, it was time for yet another fiasco... Posted by jeff at September 25, 2004 10:54 AM