September 19, 2004

Mars Cope Rift

12:12 pm - I solved this one entirely on theme. I did the puzzle on a flight. It was not to Mars, but to Maui. (Hey they at least share two letters.) Some of the lava fields over there even look like Mars.

Most of it I solved with just a calculator which made for a lot of trial and error, but I got almost all of it. When I arrived back on Earth I honed my solution with a radio communication from Marky.

Today we were up in Pleasanton claiming some caches and made the quick hike up.

I'm proud to announce I have discovered proof of water and life on Mars! As we climbed the rift, it was raining. And life was found when we were followed by this strange creature called 'MotorBug'. No sign of intelligent life though. It must have been the toxic Martian atmosphere that made this 'MotorBug' creature wheeze and puff so much.

I found the cache easily and after sorting through the black box, we decided to TNLN. Thanks for the adventure! Posted by jeff at September 19, 2004 12:12 PM