September 19, 2004

Libraries Rule!

1:25 pm - What do you know, this one has been found again, the first time in 5 months!

We drove by earlier on our Pleasanton caching run, but the place didn't open until 1 pm, so we did some other caches. When we returned just after 1 pm when it opened, the parking lot was packed!

We searched for a bit and with MotorBug's help we found the cache. Then we sat on the bench for a while doing nothing in particular and probably looking very conspicuous, so Anne grabbed a random book and started reading. Ok, enough lounging, time for more caches!

Oh, and there's a great Statue of Liberty Replica in here if someone's looking for a locationless cache find.
Posted by jeff at September 19, 2004 01:25 PM