August 29, 2004

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #22

1:57 pm - WOOOOO HOOOOO! This was my 37th Happy Birthday cache - my final one! I thought I would never get them all.

This was an appropriate one to finish with because I think I visited it at least three times before. Today it was a quick find and I now know what everyone was talking about with the ants.

Motorbug was there to share in my celebration; I did a little dance on the way out.

Now here's my little secret - to keep myself motivated to finish this series, I left a secret message for JoeSpaz in 35 parts, one part in each log.

So while you're out correcting coordinates (;-)) JoeSpaz, collect them all and let me know when you figure it out! I challenge others to do the same.

Thanks for the memorable series.
Posted by jeff at August 29, 2004 01:57 PM