August 28, 2004

Fred Flintstones Twinkletoes...

12:02 pm - Well, we were there with nostrada and workerofwood and shared in the fun. I took the high road with nostrada, which was a trail in some parts, but had none in others, with plenty of poison oak just to keep it exciting.

We climbed all around where the cache should be and found no signs of it. I checked a few times just to make sure since I wasn't coming all this way for nothing. When it was clear that we weren't going to find it, I tried to follow Nostrada across the rocks to the other side.

My first leap was off-balance so I jumped into the water rather than risk falling face-first into a rock. The water felt good in my shoes for a while, but when I got home I had to hose them off from all the sand and dirt that clung to them.

My consolation is that if this one is replaced, it's much shorter walk from other points than from where we came. Thanks for the fun. Posted by jeff at August 28, 2004 12:02 PM