August 27, 2004

Celebrity Mole

7:44 pm - Finally! It's been many months since I visited the first waypoint for this one. Eventually I visited almost all of them twice, some three times. Usually it was on my way to other caches nearby, so I figured I'd eventually get them all.

Once I had all the information, it was still a challenge to put the information together into deciding who the mole was. Luckily, I had another cacher to help verify my work. Without any assistance, I'm not sure how anyone could do this. Otherwise, it seemed to be a lot of guesswork.

Even reading the clues from the sheet inside the cache, I couldn't see myself ever noticing them.

Anyway, I saw some interesting places, learned some stuff and claimed a cache. Not bad. TNLNSL. Thanks. Posted by jeff at August 27, 2004 07:44 PM