August 25, 2004

Remorse on a Road to Nowhere

5:32 pm - I was home sick from work today (really sick; not "I was out sick and found 30 caches" sick) so I had a lot of time between naps to stare at this puzzle.

I got through the puzzle mostly on my own, but some help from another cacher helped me focus my efforts. Once I got the idea down, my goal was to finish it and venture out into the sunlight to grab the cache and a Jamba Juice. I showered, got dress, finished the puzzle and met mmp at the cache site. We found it in the first place we looked. A Jamba Juice was conveniently not far away.

I guess workerofwood rescued SFBM last night because he was nowhere to be found. Still, if I was trapped on a double dead-end street, I might choose a simpler way to communicate my position so I could get out of there. :-) Thanks. Posted by jeff at August 25, 2004 05:32 PM