August 21, 2004

Kablooey's Glove

4:42 pm - We walked here all the way from Natural Arches, mostly along the shore. When we couldn't go any further, we walked through the neighborhood of modular homes until we found our way back to the trail again.

When we got to the cache, we could see it, but there was a dog sniffing around there and a muggle walking by. We went down to DNF Mac's Cache, then came back. This time the coast was clear, but there was still the problem of getting the cache open since I didn't remember that this was a puzzle. Our spirits were not so good at this point.

We fiddle with the lock and stared blankly at the symbols for a while. Then I read a log and we were inspired. The answer soon became clear. I had to try a few times though; even with the right combo the lock didn't come out easily. We TNLNSL and walked back to the road the easy way with spirits much better than when we arrived. Thanks for the interesting puzzle. I just hope you don't find any of my clothing lying around. :-) Posted by jeff at August 21, 2004 04:42 PM