August 14, 2004

Los Altos Gateway

10:10 am - I drove up and found this one quickly once my GPSr settled down. Ho hum, another macro micro cache... and then something started to look familiar...

In 1995 I took a summer internship in Mountain View with a startup company. I was their first technical person and their "headquarters" was a rented house in mountain view where 4 of the 5 of us worked, slept and lived. It was the first time I had ever been to California and it was quite the interesting experience.

I spent most of my time in that house though, and without a car, I didn't see much of the area. When I moved here, I thought I would go found the old house, except I couldn't. All I remembered is that it was somewhere near Los Altos border, it had two stories, set back from the street and ther was another house in front where this house's front lawn used to be.

I had tried several times to find the house, but couldn't remember where it was. Street names like "El Monte" and "Springer" sounded familiar, but I wasn't sure. There are lots of new houses in the area, so for all I knew it had been torn down.

So after the cache I decided to take another look around. I drove up and down several streets, but didn't see anything familiar. Then I turned back on Springer Rd, about to give up again, when I looked to my left and saw it. It's the house! The address was 1247 Springer Road and it's about 200 feet from the cache! I'm happy to have finally found it and remember that fun summer almost a decade ago. Thanks a bunch, MotorBug! Posted by jeff at August 14, 2004 10:10 AM