July 31, 2004

Find the S in Stevens Creek

3:59 pm - We were here in March 2003. It was one of our earlier caches and we found the hint, but not the cache. I wasn't as clued in on the rules so I logged it as a find anyway.

I always felt bad about that so while I waited 3 hours for the "new tires in 30 minutes" place, I took a walk over to see if I could really find it.

You'd think I might have learned something about the geography of Mountain View in the last year, but I made almost all the same wrong turns that we made last year, but they were much more expensive mistakes on foot.

Of course once I made it to the cache, I found it right away and signed the fresh log book. I'm happy this cache is still around so my conscience is clear. :-) Posted by jeff at July 31, 2004 03:59 PM