July 28, 2004

Es Effo Bug Hotel

5:28 pm - I just landed here from Hawaii 11 hours ago, but after a good nap, I was here again to grab the cache.

I looked for parking at the hotel, but turned around at the gate. I was about to look elsewhere when I saw the parking for the park. Very nice.

I didn't expect the cache to be where it was and was a little worried about people freaking out with me fooling around there, but I think I made it in and out ok. I spent a while looking for a travel bug that I could help, but they all seemed to want to go west. Very frustrating. TNLNSL.

Oh well, cool view from here. My paranoia increased when I left when I saw a police officer and a dog sniffing around the park. But it's been found since then so I guess we're good. Thanks. Posted by jeff at July 28, 2004 05:28 PM