July 27, 2004


9:49 am - This was one of the closest caches to where we were staying in Lahaina, but it wasn't until our last day here that we went for it because we were trying to find a time when it wouldn't be crazy hot out. Since it gets dark relatively early here, morning seemed to be the best time.

The trek was tough, but didn't take too long. Once I got there, I spent a long time trying to find the cache, checking each nook and cranny, even going around the front of the overhang. Nothing.

As a last resort, I called TeamAlamo back in California who had found it a few months ago and he confirmed that I was looking in the right place. I wasn't going to accept defeat after hiking up all this way, so I scrounged through my backpack and found two empty film canisters, but with no caps.

Being the MacGyver I am, I discovered that I could squeeze one of them and insert it into the other, making a pretty good seal. I found a reciept in my wallet, wrote "geocaching.com" and "NIC'S NIGHTMARE" on it, signed it, and replaced the cache.

It now a few feet back from the edge of the outcropping, in a crevice covered with rocks. I hope that's OK.

Thanks for the great view and the workout!

Posted by jeff at July 27, 2004 09:49 AM