July 25, 2004

Mission Madness

2:08 pm - We were driving along this crazy road in Maui a few days ago when I saw this mission, but decided not to make the family stop for the picture.

Today we were in Kaanapali and were going to Waihee, but I was tired of taking the same long drive around West Maui, so I took the wheel and drove around the cliffy route, picking this one up along the way.

Just before we reached here, I came over a hill with a sharp turn on the edge of a cliff and found a van coming at me. It was then that I discovered that our rental car had ABS breaks. After that incident I needed a break too.

This is St. Francis Xavier mission, founded in 1846. We went up to the mission itself and it was just this tiny thing, but it had a nice view. Posted by jeff at July 25, 2004 02:08 PM