July 24, 2004

see water?if so you are lucky

12:54 pm - This one caused us some trouble. The first thing we saw was a golf ball in a tree. That's odd, we thought, and began searching for the cache. We forged through the grass and crawled under trees but found nothing. There were some monster spiders here!

When I came out of the bushes I was full of burrs. Ug. After checking the logs again, I went over to where the golf ball was and found the cache directly underneath. Took the golf ball. :-)

As I was walking around afterwards I felt a sharp pain in the bottom of my foot. I took my shoe off, but didn't see any rocks or anything. The next day when I went to put my shoes back on I found a surprise - thorns, up to an in ch long were protruding through my soles. Ouch. Watch out for those.

Thanks for the cache. Posted by jeff at July 24, 2004 12:54 PM