July 05, 2004

That's Just Not Natural

4:41 pm - I just got stung by several hornets at Sanborn Cache and I was tired and sweating. I hadn't eaten anything all day. Hey, I know, let's find another cache! I'm a geocaching fool!

Once I got there I figured you could actually drive there, but I'm not sure what roads you'd take.

I arrived and shortly after I started searching in all kinds of hidden places, some muggles wandered over and started taking pictures. I sat down to wait them out and read the logs. Just as I did that, I looked over and saw it. Pretty funny.

I grabbed it when they left and was signing the log when I heard some others coming down the trail. I had to quickly put it back together and set it upright before they got there. I took a camo film can and left a US quarter and a Fiji 5 cent piece.

Speaking of not natural, that pond was really weird green. Thanks for the fun cache.

Posted by jeff at July 5, 2004 04:41 PM