July 03, 2004

The Amazing Race

An Abrupt Finish

We had a trip planned back to the roadblock and possibly the pit stop amongst a bunch of other caches. In preparing, I realized that I had lost my instruction sheet. I only had a spreadsheet with all the calculations and a vague idea of what we needed to count next. I had also guessed the number and made a note of what the pit stop's coordinates. Luckily Nostrada was able to find his. We found the roadblock easily enough. My guess was correct! We headed to the closeby pit stop, despite what the instruction sheet said. We arrived and were surprised to have completed the race!

I took a globe ball and lanyard pen; I left a train pen and matchbox car.

There are definitely some intentional deceptions in the race and other things that are just errors. We did see some interesting things along the way, especially as long as it took us to complete it!

Don't forget to start your TiVos - The Amazing Race 5 starts July 6th on CBS!
Posted by jeff at July 3, 2004 01:00 PM