June 28, 2004

Coleman Ponds

8:48 pm - My autorouting failed me here when it brought us to the end of the street with no access to the ponds. Later we discovered a much shorter access point that just required an easy fence jump. I don't quit understand why they fence off all of this.

We found the high school and parked amongst a bunch of shipping crates. The walk was quick. We passed a few fishermen along the way. We found the cache without much trouble, signed it and started to head back.

A couple of hundred feet later I realized I was missing my GPSr. I checked my backpack, but couldn't find it in there so we headed back to the cache site. Couldn't find it there. Panic. It was almost dark. Then Nostrada suggests I check my backpack again and there it was. Doh! Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at June 28, 2004 08:48 PM