June 27, 2004

Predator Lives

12:42 pm - This was the start of my Santa Teresa park adventure. I wasn't sure how to get into the canyon (I know now), so I ended up taking some trails from the top. Those trails quickly became deer trails and then no trails at all, so I slid down the hillside for most of it until I got to the trail, no harm done.

My 60cs held a signal for a suprisingly long time in the canyon and I had a pretty good idea of where I should be looking and what kind of container, so I went to work. After a while I started probing into some holes with a stick and when I looked more closely I saw the cache right there. Whew! The flies and mosquitos made it an unpleasant place to linger though, so I took off quickly!

The deer carcass is still there, but it's mostly just bones now.

The next question was how to get back. It looked like there was a pretty good trail up the creekbed, so I started to follow that. It did well for a while and then I ended up on some deer trails going up the side of the canyon. Then the deer trails disappeared. I found myself crawling on my hands and knees up the steep canyon walls, through tons of poison oak and thick brush. I could see that I was getting close to the rim, but it was impossible to see how much more bushwhacking I would need to do and how much of it would be poison oak. After a half-hour of scrambling, I made it to a larger trail and then the clearing.

That was probably not a good route to take while out caching along. I guess I survived. Hopefully the technu worked as well.

At least I had an interesting log to write. Thanks for the adventure! Posted by jeff at June 27, 2004 12:42 PM